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Hello, I’m John Chandler.

I’ve been teaching guitar playing since 1974. I have taught in schools, evening classes and youth clubs as well as many individuals in one-to-one lessons

My approach to teaching is to understand what the student wants to learn and what they intend to do. Perhaps it is just for their own enjoyment, to have a better appreciation of the music they like. Perhaps they plan to play just to friends and family or maybe more publicly.

As we’re all individuals the lessons reflect that by being moulded to each student. I’m here to help with guiding you to achieving your musical goals whether for your own personal aims, for playing publicly or for exams.

I’m often asked if I have a student who would like to join a singer or a band. I can help with advice for this or for preparation for an audition.

I teach a variety of styles. I can work out most stuff from recordings and then teach how to play it. I also teach how to do this.

I coach for exams. There are exams in rock, pop and jazz as well as classical playing.

John Chandler