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There are two main types of guitar, Acoustic and Electric. In the beginning and early stages of learning there is not much difference between them. As you progress the differences become more noticeable.

Your choice of guitar depends on what music you like and many students have one of each. It’s better to listen to each type rather than read a description of their characteristics. It is a personal and subjective choice. You can use either in the lessons and even swap between them.

There are two types of acoustic guitar - one with nylon strings the other with steel strings. Broadly, nylon strings sound softer than steel strings. I teach with both.

Electric guitars are usually played through an amplifier, although these days you can plug into a computer through an adaptor and there are also headphone amps that work directly from the guitar.

I have an archtop guitar which has a mix of acoustic and electric characteristics in it’s sound.

A 12 string has a richer more ringing tone and I can show you some fingerstyle playing on this guitar. The strings are in 6 pairs but tuned differently.

The bass guitar, although ‘guitar’ shaped, is really quite a different instrument. Both in it’s playing technique and it’s musical role.

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