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I teach guitar lessons in your home if you live within 5 miles of Coulsdon, Surrey in England–Greater London.

I teach at home to some students and to others via SKYPE (see below).

One-to-one lessons are fitted to the individual student and built on an understanding of the students intentions and ambitions.

Lessons start with a warm up, usually with scales and arpeggios.

Songs: the reason why most people pick up a musical instrument – any song(s) the student is currently studying.

Aspects looked at are:

  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Melody playing
  • Fingerstyles
  • Rhythm – basic Strumming and Notated rhythm
  • Aural or ear training – so that you can better understand what you hear and play what you hear.
  • Lead guitar playing is approached through exercises which are easy to start and then are added to as the student’s ability increases.

Lessons via Skype

Skype is not just for video conferencing, it is also used for tuition. Many subjects are taught via Skype and guitar is no exception.

A Skype account is free, just go to All you need is a webcam unless your computer has a camera built in. Once set up contact me to see if your connection works. My Skype contact is available on the right.

You can connect for a free chat and to see if this works for you and if you like it, then book a lesson.

Payment is easy through PayPal - also easy and free to set up if you don’t have an account, or other payment methods are possible.

Skype lessons are suitable for all levels including total beginners. Guitars can be tuned via Skype.

To book your lesson, please click the link below:

John Chandler