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Are you a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced guitar player? Can you play these chords in any key - I II III IV V VI VII?

Can you play any major chord in five different positions or any minor chord in three?

Let’s get started. First check your chord knowledge. How many of the chords in the numbered lists can you play?

1 A C D E G Am Dm Em    
2 A7 B7 C7 D7 E7 G7 Am7 Dm7 Em7  
3 Amaj7 Bb Bm Bm7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7 F#7 Gmaj7    
4 Asus Dsus Esus Csus A7sus D7sus E7sus G7sus    
5 G5 D5 Fadd9 Cadd9 Ano3 CtopG A7topG Am7topG    
6 Eb Ab Bbm Cm Bb7 Db7 C#m7 Fm7 F#maj7 Bmaj7
7 G9 Em9 Bmaj9 A6 Dm6 C6/9 Ebm6/9 Bm7b5 Fdim7 Aaug
8 D11 Am11 Cmaj11 Eb13 Cm13 Fmaj13 Bm(maj7)      
9 A/C# Am/C C/G Am/E D7/F# C7/Bb Em7/G Cm7/G Am7/G  
10 Dmaj7/F# Cmaj7/G Amaj7/G# Am/B C/F Dm/G
11 A7b5 G#7#5 C7b9 E7#9 D9b5 Eb9#5 Gm7#5 Bm7b9 Fm9#5 Cm9b5
12 D7b5b9 F7#5b9 C7b5#9 E7#5#9 Bm7b5b9

John Chandler