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Here are some suggestions If you’re searching for some ideas for christmas or birthday presents for someone who is learning the guitar.


  • Different guitars have different strings.
  • A Classic guitar has nylon strings.
  • An Acoustic guitar will usually have a bronze set of steel strings.
  • An Electric guitar has nickel strings.
  • A 12 String guitar has a 12 string set which can be either nickel or a mixture of nickel and bronze.
  • A Bass guitar also has its own set of (usually) four strings - although you might check if it’s a five or six string type bass guitar.

Strings come in different thickness or ‘gauges’. There are extra light, light, medium and heavy. Nylon strings are measured in ‘tension’; low, medium and high.

Helpful Extras

Here are some extras they might need:

Music Stand: one of the most important extras.

Music Book Bag or Folder: keeps all the music charts together

Guitar Stand: prevents it getting knocked over. There is also a wall mounting type for easier storage if your home is less than palatial.

Footstool: essential for classic guitar but also helpful for others

Strap: a wider type is recommended for the heavier electric guitars

Capo: there are elastic types or quick moving spring types

Plectrums: they come in a variety of shapes and thickness. Iit’s good to have a variety.

Tuner: another important extra as is a Metronome: some models combine a tuner and metronome

Music Books/DVDs: books for tuition and his/her favourite Artist/band, general collections

A Magazine subscription is another option: Guitarist, Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar are good choices.

Guitar Lessons

An excellent present to give which can be given in the form of gift vouchers. I teach a variety of styles of guitar playing to all levels and all ages. I also teach Bass, Banjo, Ukulele and coach for music examinations Lessons can be in person (within five miles or so of Coulsdon/Purley) or via Skype.

The cost is £20 per hour lesson and there is a 10% discount for 5 lessons purchased at £90. Payment can be made by cheque or via PayPal

Please contact me for further details on 0208 763 0535 or 07795 205 065 or email

John Chandler