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There are two main types of guitar - Acoustic and Electric. You can learn on either type, it really depends on what music you like.

Acoustic Guitar

The sound from the strings goes through the bridge into the acoustic chamber.

Types of Acoustic Guitar

Nylon strung guitar Nylon strings: Generally a soft tone, used for Classical, Folk and Flamenco.
Steel acoustic Steel strings: A bright strong sound, used in all styles and is both picked and strummed.


Electric Guitar

The sound is transmitted through electric pick ups and played through an amplifier. The tone can be very extensively modified by effects and the amplifier.

Types of Electric Guitar

Solid Body Solid body: rich in sustain
Hollow Body Hollow body: note the ƒ hole
Arch Top Steel string archtop: often with pick ups, it’s halfway between an acoustic and an electric

John Chandler