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Here are some very easy backing tracks for you. It’s just an acoustic guitar with the chords strummed in a very basic way to allow a wide range of interpretation.

There is a short count in played on a single string (not spoken).

They are mostly under two minutes long. This is long enough because you should stop and listen back to what you’ve done after a couple of minutes.

Most solos are only 8,12 or 16 bars long so at the most about a minute in length.

  • 12-bar Blues in A
  • 12-bar Blues in B
  • 12-bar Blues in C
  • 12-bar Blues in D
  • 12-bar Blues in E
  • A minor backing track
  • B minor backing track
  • C Major backing track
  • D Major backing track
  • D minor backing track
  • E minor backing track
  • F Major backing track
  • C Major backing track
  • Green Onions backing track


John Chandler